Osteopathic treatment is a gentle, non-invasive therapy whose main aim is to alleviate any problems associated with pain and/or any restricted movement or function in any joints, muscles, tendons of the body. This may be tension headaches, sporting injuries or work related aches and pains.


Often treatment requires soft-tissue techniques, which is like a gentle massage, applied to specific muscles to improve blood flow and drainage from those tissues. This may be combined with articulation, where a restricted joint may be rhythmically moved to achieve a greater range of movement. Occasionally a small but very fast impulse may be put through a joint (high-velocity low amplitude thrust) and a small click may be heard. 

Osteopathy aims to work within the pain-free range. Treatment should not hurt, but if you have had a problem for a while you may feel a bit sore afterwards, like the day after a vigorous gym work-out. This resolves within a day or two and you should feel a lot better.


It can be beneficial in easing discomfort felt during pregnancy or post-partum. There are many documented studies which have shown Osteopathy is of prime benefit in treating back and neck pain, shoulder injuries such as frozen shoulder as well as carpal tunnel issues. Sporting injuries have also been shown to respond well. Osteopathic treatment is suitable for men and woman young and old, active or more sedentary, as well as expectant mothers and children.







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